We provide a range of programs designed to help you build your business successfully whilst getting more time with your family.


Our Masterclasses provide short (1-8 hours) step-by-step sessions that take you through a series of actions to get a very specific outcome, all at a ridiculously low cost (designed to make this a no-brainer).

Balance Masterclass


The BALANCE Masterclass

This Masterclass will help you achieve balance between building a business and getting those precious moments with your little ones (so you can stop feeling guilty all the time!)




Pricing MasterclassThe PRICING Masterclass

This Masterclass will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to quickly identify what price to set for your product, what results you should expect, and how to maximize profit from the beginning.




Pitch MasterclassThe PITCH Masterclass

This masterclass you will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to develop your presentation in a way that connects with your audience – attracting those much needed customers, employees, partners and investors to enable you to take your business to the next level.


Live Workshops

The Business Strategy Workshop

This is ideal for business owners who feel like the strategy they have right now (if any!) is unlikely to help them achieve their goals as quickly as they’d like.

In this 3-hour live session with Alexis and up to 5 other Parentpreneurs, you’ll get clear on your goals, diagnose the issues that are holding you back, create a clear strategy to help you achieve results as fast as possible, and take action on the hardest steps. Find out more here.


The Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator

This is our signature program. This 6-step program will help you identify a real problem for your business to solve, get your first sales, and accelerate your success. (Parentpreneurs normally complete this program in 6-8 weeks but you can pause at any time if needed – e.g. to have a baby, or go on holiday!)

PSA Steps

Through this Accelerator program, Alexis will help you to:

  • Design your life in a way that means you spent your time they way you want, with family, keeping fit, working on your passion
  • Find your “Why” so that you build a business you care about and that you enjoy rather than doing it just for the money
  • Define your ideal customer so that you know exactly who your target niche is and how to reach them
  • Understand the customer’s problem and pain points so that your business is solving a real problem
  • Match a solution and business model to your customers needs so that you are delivering real value whilst building a commercial success.
  • Get pre-orders from real customers (paying you real money in advance for your product!)

This is no ordinary accelerator. Find out more about this program here.


Please contact sales@parentpreneur-accelerator.com with any specific requests or queries.

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